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Iluminación LED Metrolight Metrolight LED Lighting: Metrolight develops the needed technology to light without glare. The discovery and development of new materials, allow us to make the LED as the axis of our projects.


estaciones de servicio metrolightPetrol Station Luminaires METROLIGHT. Led solutions for Petrol Stations and convenience stores C-Store Market.

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luminaria led estanca metrolight Luminaria Estanca Led para iluminación general, zonas de trabajo específicas, centros comerciales, aeropuertos, estaciones, seguridad y condiciones ambientales adversas.

proyectores led metrolight LED Projectors. The Led Projectors are specially designed and developed for lighting solutions at superstores, facades and for situations and sites where environmental conditions required a maximum level of durability and safety.

campana-industrial-led-metrolightMetrolight Industrial Led High Bay. Suspended installation also incorporates additional fixation. Constant power supply included with the product. Direct connection to the mains.

pantallas-led-metrolightMetrolight Led Screens: Led Screens for general lighting, retail, work areas-offices, shopping centers, some of our products especially suited for lighting in hospitals or areas where visual comfort is an important requirement.

downlight-led-metrolightMetrolight Led Downligh. Designed for Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Airports, Stations, Shopping Centers, Auditoriums, Meeting Rooms.

It incorporates high-performance LEDs that exceed a lifespan of 60,000 h.

Tubos y Lámparas LedTubes and Led Lamps.

Grow-Horticulture Led LightingEstas lámparas se caracterizan por la emisión de luz en los espectros electromagnéticos azul y rojo, con longitudes de onda de 450nm y 655nm respectivamente. Con una sencilla instalación, es la elección perfecta para favorecer la formación de raíces, el crecimiento de plantas y la floración..

Metrolight Stone LightMetrolight Stone Light. The Stone Light product range offers the possibility of decorating and signaling outdoor and indoor areas. They are installed directly in floors or walls, for seamless integration into interior and exterior walls. Available in IP65 and IP68.

Available in two light intensities; standard and high.

iluminacion-perimetral-metrolightThrough the technological research and development of more than three years, has finally managed to manufacture a product that competes directly with neon and performance has exceeded the technical weaknesses of it. We refer to the creation and manufacture of LEDNEON to replace conventional glass neon.

señalizacion escaleras led metrolight Aluminium stairs Profiles and corridors signaling.

ML-PE-301FW, ML-PE-7020200(12V) - 7020210(24V), ML-PE-7090200*, ML-7090600-LED, ML-7030700-FIBRA, ML-3080, ML-0211

lamparas y tiras led metrolightLed power strips, for indoor-outdoor lighting, facades, monoliths, signage, advertising mupi lighting ... Single-color led strips and RGB led strips.

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