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Sustainability – Environmentally friendly

Metrolight S.L. is a company committed to the environment, dedicated to the production and distribution of lighting products with LED technology and fiber optics among others.

All our projects involving energy savings than those made with conventional lighting, derived from such dedication and consistent with the philosophy of the company is actively involved in a program internationally, to plant trees in disadvantaged areas of Africa, to thereby help maintain the area and counteract CO2 emissions.

Environmentally tree-nation MetrolightIn a first step and since 2008 to date, Metrolight has planted 250 trees in Niger, variety Acacia Senegal. You can see these trees through the following link:

250 trees are needed to absorb 130 tons of CO2. This is equivalent to the emissions from a distance of 1,000,000 miles in an average car, or derivative annual energy consumption for heating and hot water (DHW) for 130-person households. (IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

Environmentally 01-metrolightOur Objetive has got double effect:

First is environmental, but is also linked to the humanitarian aid that provides long term. The project will benefit local communities in their welfare, education and practice of agricultura. And that’s not all…

The benefits of preventing desertification extend beyond trees to other species of flora and fauna. So any opportunity to reintroduce and / or help prevent species in danger of extinction is an important part of our mission.

Environmentally 02-metrolight¿Why?

“Desertification is potentially the ecosystem change impacting on more threatening the livelihoods of the poor” (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification Desertification does not refer to the expansion of the desert, it is the land degradation due to climate change and human activities.That’s right, us! Planting your tree will help combat this process and regenerate the land productivity.

Environmentally 03-metrolight¿How?

We cooperate with local communities, nurseries and organizations to ensure that we are creating the best environment for the growth and development of trees. We believe that international experience, private equity and wisdom of the local community are key factors for a successful project.

Each tree is grown from seed and, before being planted, spend a minimum of 3 months in our “nursery”. This allows the trees grow strong before being subjected to the harsh conditions of the plantation. Gradually the trees are watered less and less so as to ensure that adapted to rough terrain where they will be planted.

Environmentally 04-metrolightMetrolight S.L. develops the necessary technology to illuminate without dazzling. The discovery and development of new materials, they allow us to take the LEDS as a fundamental axis of our projects. Likewise the optical fibber allows us to channel and to direct the light, moulding it to our taste and obtaining of her unthinkable applications until a few years ago. All our materials used are 100% recycled and have the same characteristic being respectable to the environment and low power consumption and minimum CO2 Emissions. We got a special ethic and social responsibility as a company. RSC. METROLIGHT is a company certified in Quality management by the norm UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000

Tree Nation

Tree-Nation is a dynamic social network’s main objective is to plant trees. We count in our community with over 80,000 people and 120 European and international companies have already joined the community to contribute to a greener and sustainable world.

Since 2006, Tree-Nation works in partnership with the United Nations Program for the Environment and its “Plant for the Planet”. Other sponsors include INRAN (National Institute for Agronomic Research Niger) and the Ministry of Environment of Niger.

The aim of Tree-Nation is to combat desertification, deforestation and climate change by planting trees. In addition to the obvious benefits derived from reforestation (CO2 sink, stabilization of water resources, biodiversity restoration, etc.) trees generate both ecological and economic virtuous circle.

Tree-Nation also fights poverty.. Our tree plantations develop the local economy by creating jobs and promotes sustainable agricultural practices. Depending on the species, trees can provide food, fodder and medicines which represents additional income for villages and communities.

With its first plantation in Níger, Tree-Nation has launched an ambitious project to plant 8 million trees in the form of a giant heart as a symbol of respect and love for the land. The ultimate goal should be achieved in 2015. Other projects are in progress in countries such as Nicaragua, Colombia and Madagascar.

Tree-Nation is the inventor of the virtual tree: the companion of the real tree that you have in the plantation and lets you track your progress from Each virtual tree has a space to personalize your message and lets you interact with the target tree planters and other exchange ideas, images and messages making new friends in the community.

Planting a tree has never been easier. With a few clicks you can choose the proyect you want to support, the tree species one you find useful and we’ll do the rest.

A tree is the perfect gift: all occasions (birthday, a wedding, a thank you to a friend or a professional, etc.) with only the name and email of the person, can offer a tree and leave a message staff.

You can also plant free. Tree-Nation provides many opportunities for you to get involved in the project: inviting your friends, watering trees of other users, among others. The more people know about our project, more trees will be planted. You can start now by signing up.

Tree-Nation also has the support of companies as they find concrete effective and transparent in implementing programs Environmental department answers. Yet many SMEs but also large companies such as The Economist, Procter & Gamble, Google or Garnier have joined our efforts through our joined our efforts through our corporate programs.

Follow the progress of the project day to day reading the news of the plantation. Get the latest news stories including the planting soil preparation to planting, happiness causing the first rains or the appearance of the first buds.

With Tree-Nation, planting a tree is a simple, fun and useful act. Plant for a better world.


Santiago Castellot