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Metrolight S.L. – Led Manufacturers and Distributors

Metrolight SL

Company Led

METROLIGHT, founded in 2002, is an integrated company in the Castellot Family Business Group, with over 20 years experience in the lighting industry, design, manufacturing and distribution of high value luminaires.

Light is an essential element of our environment, as raw material gives us the ability to see and the necessary heat. But it is also an integral part of our day-to-day scenarios.

METROLIGHT develops the needed technology to light without glare. The discovery and development of new materials, allow us to make the LEDs as the axis of our projects. Also the optical fiber allows us to harness and direct the light, molding it to our needs and getting from it unthinkable applications until recently.

Led Manufacturers

In this ambitious project we consider the projects and ideas of our customers as our own, so it is worth focusing all our efforts to reach our goals.

Our customers give us a source of inspiration to develop new technologies that allow us to manufacture according to its expectations.

METROLIGHT believes that customer relationship goes beyond mere economic transaction are guidance and support to continue evolving.

Led Distributors

We adopt the Philosophy of Continuous Improvement as something you can count, measure and thus prove.

The people who make up the team of METROLIGHT is devoted to its work, which take the idea to work right from the first time. In addition METROLIGHT has an extensive training program which allows workers to evolve and adapt to new technologies and changes demanded by society and the market.

We manufacture and distribute high quality lighting products and adopt managament methods which ones allow us to improve our services day to day.

Our suppliers assume our commitments providing us with high quality materials and offering us services that support our policy.

For all this METROLIGHT , is a certified Quality Management Company by the standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and aimed at system according to the EFQM Business Excellence Model.

Management Policy

It is METROLIGHT policy, that the quality and prestige of its products and services reached in a long trajectory, be surpassed by the implementation of a Quality Management System.

In METROLIGHT, all the human potential of the company is involved with a specific objective, to offer our clients a current dynamic that increases the provision of services and products at the lowest cost.
The Management of METROLIGHT, in order to achieve the level of Quality that the market demands at competitive costs, proposes Quality objectives aligned with the Strategic Plan for the control and / or improvement thereof, which are periodically communicated to all staff.
All staff must be aware of the need to assume a mentality aimed at a constant improvement effort and that our products reach a high level of performance and reliability in response to the existing high competition.


Our mission to achieve maximum customer satisfaction articulated through an orientation to improve our service, with technical, commercial and administrative support.


We are oriented to the clear improvement of our processes, with the aim of achieving full expansion and presence at national market and our long-term projection in the international market.


First, the task of improving is a management responsibility. Being the improvement a continuous process.

When implementing the quality improvement plan, the commitment acquired by all the staff working at METROLIGHT will assume fully from their position, the responsibility for the correct execution of the same, taking part in the preparation, realization and evaluation of the activities for the resolution of problems in METROLIGHT.

  • All the staff of METROLIGHT, will share the success of the company, due to the implication of everyone in the process of continuous improvement.
  • Our organization will be oriented towards customers, users and other interested parties both inside and outside the company.
  • All departments must know and have the maximum information of our competitors.
  • Our suppliers, both internal and external, must be involved in our Quality Policy.
  • Special attention will be paid to staff training and education.
  • We are committed to respecting and enforcing all legal requirements

Metrolight finalist for Business Excellence

Metrolight finalist for Business Excellence in Aragon 2006 and 2008 that promotes the IAF

The Award for Business Excellence in Aragon, is framed within the IAF action Programme, which aims to reward and distinguish both SMEs and large companies for their outstanding performances in the implementation, development and improvement of the integrated management of the organization.

Metrolight will continue to strive offering high quality products and services.

Address: P.I. Valdeconsejo. C/ Guara, Parcela 5E. 50410 Cuarte de Huerva, Zaragoza – Spain
ventas(arroba) – Teléfono: +34 976 22 50 44 – Fax: +34 976 48 20 04


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