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Led Panels

Led Screens

Led Screens for general lighting, retail, work areas-offices, shopping centers, some of our products especially suited for lighting in hospitals or areas where visual comfort is an important requirement.

Led Panels

Panel Led High Lumen

Led Screen High Lumen

LED panels create modern and bright decorative environments, ideal for replacing conventional fluorescent panels.

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Led Panel, Led Screens High Lumen

Through a good arrangement of the points of light, these panels guarantee optimal, uniform and efficient illumination.

Mini Led Panel

Mini Led Panel

This mini LED panel has an elegant design and is the perfect choice for indoor lighting, especially in kitchens.

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Led Screens, Mini Led Panel

In addition, it offers a uniform light distribution, high efficiency and substantial maintenance savings.

Mini Led Panel 2

Mini Led Panel 2

The mini LED panels are suitable for all types of lighting both domestic and professional.

More info: Mini Led Panel 2

Led Screens, Mini Led Panel 2

Available in two sizes, they provide efficient sensitive comfort in any room.