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Led Projects

Images provided by our clients

Station Bilbao Linear Light

Led Traffic Lights Project. Zaragoza

Airport Netherlands: Wine Bar

Ibiza Aiport. Lighting floor. System Tread.

Andaz Lobby, Close Up of Tread Glass, Corridor, Ibiza Airport, Kitchen Lighting, Oriental

VIDEO: Signalling and Lighting Sabiñanigo Tunnel, Este A-23. Product: Titan Projector and Tunnel Beacon

Signalling and Lighting Sabiñanigo Tunnel, Este A-23. Product: Titan Projector and Tunnel Beacon

Traffic Road, Signalling. Andorra la Vella. Product: ML-SR30 Beacon

Signalling El Folgoso Tunnel ( Galicia). Product: Tunnel Uplight

Solar Beacons, Expo-Ebro. Zaragoza. Product: Metrosol Solar Beacon

Fortuna Boat. Special Hand Made project. Product: Beacon Plot and Aluminium Led Luminaries

Industrial Led High Bay. Product: Apolo High Bay

Padel Club, Zaragoza. Products: Linear Light, ML- Lycos Beacon


Decorative Led Project (Product: Metrolight Axis Led)

Petrol Station Luminaire United 24. 37 Luminaires (Product: PDL3 Modus.)


Led StreetLight Burger King Parking: Product: Power Streetlight

Led Power Street Light Petrol Station Repsol Zaragoza

Goldman Sachs

Ho Chi Minh City

Lighting -35 Cooler/Freezer Netherlands Schiphol Airport. Product: PDL 3

Private Urbanization entrance lighting (Blue LED Solar Bollard Fixed ML-6 LED)

Fiber Optic Lighting. Product: Fiber Optic

Congress Palace Lighting ( Huesca). Product: Liner Light, “ Mini”

Lighting MC Donalds. (Product: Linear Strip)

Lighting Observatory. France (Product: Led Neon Thin)

Palm walk Almeria and La Rambla corridor. Product: ML EROS

Parking Lighting (Product: PDL3 Modus.)

Swimming Pool Lighting. (Product: Fiber Optics and Terminals)

Plaza López Allue Square Lighting. ( Huesca) Product: Linear Light

Traffic Road Beacon external solar panel powered

Interior and outdoor sites.

Jamie Pliver Fifteen

Petrol Station Led Lighting

Microsoft Theater and Microsoft Square signage (Product: V180 Sloan led Module)

Metrolight Screen Led for Barcelona Hospital. Product: Leader Plafon

Signage Ledges – Athletics Indoor Track – Gallur, Madrid (Led Aluminum Ledge ML-PE-7020200 12V)

VIDEO: ML-ERGB wiring beacons in pedestrian crossing, synchronized. Porto (Portugal)

Metrolight Power Street. Spain Site. Product: Power Streetlight

Athletic Club presentation 2008. Product: Led Neon

Pure Colour

Raddison Heathrow

VIDEO: Synchronized Pedestrian Crossing (Product: MLSR45)

Signage stairs Cinema Room (Product: MLPE70200)

Signaling step gardens. (Product: ML-6 Solar Bidirectional LED)

Signalling Crosswalks. Product: Solar Beacon ML-SR15

Cinema Stairs Lighting. Product: ML-PE-301FW

Emergency Exit Signalling in Tunnel

Led Signalling Bilbao Tram corridor. Product: Stone Light ML-SL-CUE

Metrolight Sone Light, Puerto Lumbreras ( Murcia) Project. Product: Stone Light

System Muro

System Tread Colour

Texaco Petrol Station. Product: Petrol Station Canopy

High Ouput Led Strips: Product: ML. Led Strips

Pais Vasco Univesity. Alava Campus. Product: Fiber Optic

Mallorca Velodrome. Product: Liner Light

Santader Golf. City Santader Group. Boadilla del Monte. Madrid.

Olympic Villa “El Toyo” Almeria. Product: Plot 80 Beacon