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Led Studs – Road Studs

Studs signage for road safety

Signalling Beacons. To indicate geographical locations, places with poor visibility, need to indicate the path, signaling dangerous places , separation on roads. Ability to sync.

led studs

Metrolight SL, Manufacturers and distributors of led studs

Metrolight offers the widest range of led studs on the market, aimed at ensuring road safety and signaling on roads, tunnels, highways, motorways, bike lanes, tramway signage, roundabouts, streets, shopping and leisure centers.
In pedestrian crossings, streets, tunnels, roads.. with road traffic, it is recommended regardless of the technical characteristics of the road stud, to place them in alternation, avoiding being located directly in the passage of the vehicles.
It is recommended to fix the studs in place with SIKADU 42 resin, as well as to use IP68 connectors, (paguro type) or similar in the interconnections of the installed studs to prevent the water entry by capillarity.

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Led Road Studs, signaling crosswalks, parking

Intelligent zebra crossings.

Intelligent signaling, integrated lighting system that combines infrared sensors to detect the presence of pedestrians, LED pedestrian signaling panels with intermittent lighting warning for vehicles and at the same time activating the high intensity LED beacons placed on the crosswalk, emitting red to reinforce the presence of pedestrians and therefore producing the reduction of vehicle speed and their total stop allowing the safe passage of pedestrians.
These combined products offer a plus in road safety by detecting pedestrians, illuminating and signaling crosswalks, warning vehicles of the presence of pedestrians, and providing a warning of pedestrians..

Specialists in traffic studs

Led Road Studs

Metrolight led road studs are offered in solar version, which do not require electrical installation, are completely autonomous and do not need any maintenance or in wired version for connection to the network.

The led studs help drivers to identify the lanes of the road through which they circulate, led studs for roundabout signage, for parking, for pedestrian areas with vertical and horizontal lighting, studs for warning tram passage.

Wired Led Studs

The wired Metrolight led studs also allow, by means of an optional controller, the synchronization of the studs, fixed or intermittent operating modes, sequential operation…

Snow Led Studs

Specific led studs that admit the transit of snow plows or cleaning machines, generally these studs are located in places of adverse environmental conditions, that’s why their exclusive design makes them the ideal ones for those installations.

Outdoor Led Studs

Metrolight has led studs with their own characteristics to adapt to all needs, either by impact resistance, IK 10, support of road traffic expressed in tons, degree of tightness, IP67-IP68, lighting characteristics, LED arrangement and combination of colors that incorporate.

The Metrolight led studs are offered in aluminum, steel body and polycarbonate or polycarbonate cover. Its lighting characteristics allow its visibility at a distance of approximately 500m-800m-1.0Km depending on the model.

Smart Studs / Road Safety / Smart Cities

Smart Road Studs. Smart City.
Road Safety

Smart Road Studs” integrated in “Smart cities”

Using information and communication technology to design and create infrastructures equipped with the latest signaling technologies that interact with citizens, seeking sustainability and efficiency for the sake of intelligent mobility and safe.

“Intelligent road studs” to improve car traffic planning, signaling places with added risks, railroad crossings, pedestrian crossings, tram crossings.., serve as guidance and signaling, including installation of intelligent meter sensors with bidirectional communication.

Specific METROLIGHT Road Studs detect the approach of the vehicle and rise to indicate incorrect speed in the determined area, including in addition to the physical or mechanical warning, visual warning depending on the speed of passage.

“Urban technology to improve the safety of citizens.”

Tunnel Led Studs

Solar Led Studs

Solar Led Studs allow an automatic recharge, thanks to sunlight, ideal for lighting and signaling all areas that require signaling where the main power is not available so a typical installation is not possible. Their null or little maintenance also gives them a greater benefit in terms of profitability. Equipped with high power LED for signaling and uniform lighting

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Stud induction

The road signaling beacon “METROLIGHT ML-ITL” of induction is designed with a degree of protection IP68 and IK8 – IK10 with accessory defense.
The main feature of this type of Metrolight Beacon by induction is that it does not include or incorporate any electrical contact, being powered wirelessly by electromagnetic induction through a buried cable.
The cable for the operation of the Metrolight Induction Beacon does not require connection to the Beacon, therefore the risk of electrical incident between it and the beacon is minimized in its totality.
The induction beacon only requires close proximity to the cable to start operating.

Failures and maintenance costs are reduced compared to conventional wiring.
Each induction beacon is isolated from the others and from the power supply itself, this means that a failure in any of the elements does not affect the operation of the rest, so that the repair can be done even without the need to cut the power supply to the installation.
The electronics of the beacon is incorporated in a resistant polystyrene resin casing that allows its complete watertightness and to reach the IP68 protection degree indicated.

The “Metrolight ML-ITL” induction beacon is ideal for signaling and warning, separation, demarcation of lanes, roads, traffic circles, bus lanes, bike lanes, pedestrian crossings…

Handrail Lighting

Handrail lighting

Small-sized luminaires designed to integrate into new or existing handrails and railings.

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Led Studs for signaling Tram passage

Light Studs of signaling Tram passage

The Metrolight tramway signaling led studs, incorporating advanced electronics and high intensity LEDs, the tramway studs are specifically designed to reinforce safety in the sections with the presence of tram lines.

Warning Led Studs

The signs to warn drivers and pedestrians of the proximity of a tram at crossings and urban crossings. The luminous led studs warns the users of the road the proximity of crossing with a tram line.

Led Studs Models

The Tramway led stud is offered in two models, both with the possibility of monochrome led color or RGB, this option offers a tricolor led stud connected by cable and colors synchronized with lights of the traffic light, changing the color of the LED of the stud at the same time as the traffic light installation, allowing double checking by pedestrians and drivers, both by vertical and horizontal signaling.

Tram Led Studs

The Metrolight Tramway led studs offer vertical signage or vertical and horizontal signage with an optimal opening degree for viewing by users.

Urban Road Led Studs

It allows a high brightness day and night, in such a way that the security of the pedestrian is reinforced. The studs incorporate IP68, IK10 and LED luminous elements are cover protected and incoporating polycarbonate lenses with high impact resistance.

ML-C500 controller stud

All the operating parameters

ML-C500 controller allows you to set all the operating parameters of road studs or road signs. The controllers menus are dynamic and will be presented depending on the user-selected configuration.

Controlador ML C500

The configuration can be made directly on the controller on their display menu or via configuration software that allows you to set all the operating parameters of the controller via a USB interface.

  • Microcontroller based technology.
  • Firmware update available through USB connection.
  • Hardware upgrade by connectable expansion boards
  • Adaptive controller to numerous applications
  • Configuration via LCD display and navigation buttons or via configuration software
  • Ability to schedule different configurations due to its high precision real time clock
  • High diversity of communications available:
    RS232, RS422, RS485, USB, SPI, ETHERNET, RF433/686/915 MHZ, LORA
  • 12V or 24V input power with over voltage and short circuit protection
  • Digital outputs with short circuit and over temperatura protection, available in 24V, 12V.
  • Digital inputs with voltage isolation, driven by voltage or dry contact
Controlador ML C500

Electrical Characteristics:

  • Power Supply: Input: 12V DC / 24V DC
  • Power Consumption: 15mA
  • Output Voltage: 12 V DC / 24 V DC
  • Outputs Number: 6 (Expandable up to 12)
  • Maximum Current by Output: 2A
  • Total Maximum Output Current: 10A
  • Working Temperature: -25 ºC to +85ºC
  • Operation modes: Always ON, Flashing, Sequential

Box material and dimensions:

  • Enclosure Material: ABS
  • Dimensions: 210 x 185 x 85 mm Weight: 0,550Kg
  • Protection Index: IP65

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