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Lighting and Signaling Tunnels

Tunnel Lighting

Metrolight is specialized in the lighting and signaling of tunnels, led projectors, led studs for the lateral corridors of the tunnels, signage with LED emergency doors for tunnels.

Tunnel Lighting

Tunnel Luminaires

We develop our tunnel luminaires to always transmit maximum safety for both vehicles and personnel transiting in the interior of the tunnel, with our tunnel luminaires, we provide the highest visibility and particularly in those semi-open tunnels, where the contrast between the interior and exterior light is higher during the daytime.

Lighting Projects Advice

In Metrolight we offer technical advice for the correct lighting and signaling of the tunnels, making available to the client our R & D staff, in order to define the power of the luminaires, the necessary units, the inter-distance between the beacons and its installation.

Luminaria Led Guiado Túnel
Guide Led Tunnel Luminaire

Metrolight Waterproof Luminaires, for specific environments where quality and safety it is an important factor, it has a simple and functional lines design that adapts perfectly to the different architectural, industrial spaces, tunnels and roads for which it is conceived.

Led Curbs
Led Curbs

LED signaling outdoor luminaire for road signs designed for high impact resistance and low temperatures, easy installation and interconnected thanks to its modular system, monochrome or RGB,control and synchronization features.

Led Lights for Emergency Exit
Led Lights for Emergency Exit

Applications: Tunnels, Industry, Architecture, Lighting emergency exits, alarm systems, car parks

Led Projectors
Led Projectors

The Led Projectors are specially designed and developed for lighting solutions at superstores, facades and for situations and sites where environmental conditions required a maximum level of durability and safety.

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