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Solar Studs

Solar led studs

Metrolight offers the most extensive range of solar led studs on the market. Products designed to guarantee road safety and signaling on roads, tunnels, highways, motorways, bike lanes, tramway signage, roundabouts, streets, shopping and leisure centers.

Solar Studs

Studs with external solar lighting


Solar led studs, recessed or surface installation are a good alternative when it comes to signaling or marking roads, crossingwalks, roundabouts, traffic lanes, vehicle traffic lanes, bike lanes, buses, highway lanes and access roads or even lighting the exterior of a house. Its placement or installation is very simple.

Solar Led Studs does not need any type of electrical installation and are totally autonomous without any maintenance.

Solar Luminaires

This type of solar luminaires are equipped with an internal electronic device and photovoltaic panels that during the day, transform sunlight into electricity and store it in rechargeable batteries.

When darkening or decreasing the light threshold, they signal the direction, being able to do it in a fixed, intermittent or flashing way, contributing and increasing security in the chosen location. They offer a range between 24 and 72 hours depending on the load made during the day and the operating mode.

Solar lighting studs

Metrolight has a wide range of solar lighting studs each model with its own characteristics to suit your needs, either by impact resistance, IK 10, traffic support to be supported expressed in tons, degree of tightness, IP67-IP68, lighting characteristics, layout of the LEDs and combination of the colors they incorporate.

The Metrolight studs, are offered in aluminum body, steel, safety glass, polycarbonate or polycarbonate cover. Its lighting characteristics allow its visibility at a distance of approximately 500m-800m-1.0Km depending on the model.

All our solar led studs are guaranteed for 2 years, this guarantee can be extended depending on the models and type of Project.

Led Solar Luminaire Installation example with external solar panel power supply

Road Solar Stud
Solar stud for road

In addition to solar led studs, we have many more types of studs to meet any need

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