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Lighting and Signaling Cinemas, Stairs and Corridors

Stairs Profiles and Signalling Profiles for Corridors

ML-PE-301FW, ML-PE-7020200(12V) – 7020210(24V), ML-PE-7090200*, ML-7090600-LED, ML-7030700-FIBER, ML-3080, ML-0211.

Lighting and Signaling Cinemas

Signalling Profiles for Stairs

Stairs Profiles

Stairs Profiles

ML-PE-301FW, ML-PE-7020200(12V) – 7020210(24V), ML-PE-7090200*

More info: Stairs Profiles

Signalling Profiles for Corridors

Signalling Corridors

Profiles for Corridors

ML-7090600-LED, ML-7030700-FIBER, ML-3080, ML-0211

More info: Signalling Profiles for Corridors