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Developing since 2002 led technology of the present and future

At Metrolight, we are experts in Street and Urban Lighting.

We manufacture and distribute ecologically efficient products and we aim to reduce the environmental impact.

We also do Led Lighting project consultancies.

Led Lighting - Metrolight

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Some of our Led Projects

Images provided by our clients

Led Traffic Lights Project. Zaragoza

Airport Netherlands: Wine Bar

Ibiza Aiport. Lighting floor

Andaz Lobby, Close Up of Tread Glass, Corridor, Ibiza Airport, Kitchen Lighting, Oriental

Traffic Road, Signalling. Andorra la Vella. Product: ML-SR30 Stud

Signalling and Lighting Sabiñanigo Tunnel, Este A-23. Product: Titan Projector and Tunnel Stud

See all our Led Projects

Advantages of Led Lighting

Because the LED technology has advantages over other types of light sources

Light color and quality

The color emitted by each LED in particular depends mainly on the semiconductor material that has been used in their manufacture.

There are many types of LEDs and many forms of design luminaires.


Requiring no additional filters savings and efficiency are higher. Allows saturated colors. Besides the LED enables instant color change which provides the ability to design dynamic colors, they change depending on the environment, the season or the requirements of architects and decorators.

Light adapted to the need. Ability to add color without changing the aesthetics of the luminaire. The area or product will always be well lit, without changing shades of color.

Long life and efficiency

LED lighting luminaires, reduce operating costs and provide a better quality of light.

Our lights Led Metrolight help reduce costs with greener alternatives.


Lower maintenance costs and replacement, especially important in areas difficult or costly access (tunnels, open to the public shops, lampposts at heights, etc.). Displays with the public an impeccable image, without burnout.

Metrolight lights consume less and require less contracted power. Closed environments illuminated with LEDs can save on air conditioning. Items illuminated with LEDs heat and deteriorate less.

Dynamic & Design

The LED is small and compact.


The LED lights up instantly and not damaged by frequent off and on.

Allows Metrolight be free to design innovative products, to put the light where it is needed and thus not waste or pollute lumínicamente light.

Allows dynamic lighting effects, it also gives rein to new applications previously unthinkable: Instant powered by detecting presence on streets or tunnels, fired at higher light levels in an emergency or special work.