Stud ML-6-LED solar - Metrolight
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Stud ML-6-LED solar

Stud ML-6-LED solar and option wired beacon

Wired road stud, which is used to outline the roadway in poor sight environment, guide and ensure safety traffic.

Stud ML-6-LED solar and option wired beacon

More applied on intersection of highway, tunnel, toll, and foggy & rainy and other accident-prone sections. Especially installed in the tunnel, as LED with long lifespan, lower energy consumption can significantly reduce electricity operators, ensure safe traffic

Stud ML-6-LED solar and option wired beacon


  • External Body: ADC12 Cast Aluminum
  • Dimensiones: 120x120x50mm
  • Led color: Red – White – Blue – Green – Yellow
  • Led: Epistar, more than 3000MCD, 3pcs/side
  • Led lifespan: =100,000h
  • Working Voltage: 12/ 24VDC
  • Power: 0.24W or 0.48W
  • Working environment: -35º to + 60º
  • Protection Level: IP68
  • Loading bearing: 300KN
  • Cross: 2 x 0.5mm2

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  • Led: 3×5 mm led by side.
  • Battery NI-MH 600 mAH 1,2V.
  • Solar Panel: 2,5 / 180 mAH.
  • Charging time: 8 days.
  • Working hours: Aprox. 40h.
  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Weight Resistance: 30T.
  • Operating work: flashing (2 hz Aprox 20%) or constant light.
  • Led Color: White, Amber(orange), Red, Blue or Green.
  • Dimensions: 120x50mm.
  • Weight: 350g.
Stud ML-6-LED solar and option wired beacon