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Lighting for Coolers / Freezers

Lighting for refrigerators

C-Store cooler Lighting. Cold Stores
Multi-deck Lighting Mechandise
Overhead Cooler and Stock room
Luminaires designed for coolers/freezers

Lighting for Coolers

Led Luminaire for Cold Rooms -35º

Progressive Down Light 3

  • Installs with one person and does not require site surveys.
  • Saves up to 84% energy compared with typical HID fixtures.

Cover Plate – Mounts directly to or hides the footprint of the previous HID Fixture, eliminating the need to touch-pad, paint, or install custom trims.

Progressive reflector – Focusses light on task areas whiles softly illuminating peripheral area for increased safety an security

More info: Progressive Down Light 3

Lighting for Freezers

Illuminating C-store cooler doors

Cold Door, lighting for refrigerator doors, illuminated, clear and uniform across freezer doors.

  • True emitted white light illuminates product packaging displayed in the most optimal way.
  • The particular light distribution eliminates glare.
  • A single power supply for a typical refrigerator 5 door unit.
  • Cold light touch that increases the efficiency of the refrigerator.
  • Up to 85% total energy savings compared to other conventional lighting.

More info: Cold Door

Cold Door 2, lighting system provides crisp, uniform illumination across doors for walk-in coolers/freezers and remote glass-door reach-ins. Adapts to varying case styles and shelf depths.

  • Illuminates product facings at narrow beam angles while reducing glare
  • Powers up to a 5-door frame with a single power supply

Up to 85% total energy savings over typical fluorescent fixtures

More info: Cold Door 2

The luminaires are hidden from view, leaving only the goods thus to capture the attention of your customers.