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Guide Led Tunnel Luminaires

Metrolight Waterproof Luminaires, for specific environments where quality and safety it is an important factor, it has a simple and functional lines design that adapts perfectly to the different architectural, industrial spaces, tunnels and roads for which it is conceived.

Guide Led Tunnel Luminaire

Intelligent Luminaire Guided Light Tunnel and Fire Evacuation / Signaling

Intelligent Tunnel Luminaire
Fire Evacuation Light

Characteristics of Intelligent Evacuation Signals

  • Material Stainless Steel dimensions: 610 x 467 x 48 mm
  • Illuminated Pictogram 300 x 300 mm (H X L), DIN 4844
  • Nichia LED boards (PCB’s) White Led
  • Illuminance> 200 cd / sqm Frontal Pictogram
  • Led strips Side escape Led Green> 75 cd / m2 adjustable
  • Fire Emergency Light:> 25 cd -87 to +87 degrees
  • Viewing distance: 180m
  • IP65 (EN60529)
  • IK10
  • Weight: 10 Kg
  • Consumption: 13w. 230VAC / 50hz
  • Operating temperature: -20C + 50C
  • CE, BAST Approved, RABT 2006 Compliant
  • For Wall mounting
  • Possibility of unit supply in 48V.
Signal Evacuation Tunnels
Tunnel Emergency Luminaire
  • Selection of DIP switches for the operation and regulation mode.
  • Dip switch 4: Green Light Level ON = 100% OFF = 50%
  • Dip switch 3: Green light ON = 100% OFF = 75%
  • Dip switch 2, 1: OFF-OFF mode Light Orientation Fire ON with 230V current
  • OFF – ON Light Orientation Fire Flashing with current 230V
  • ON – OFF Light Orientation Fire ON in the absence of 230V
  • ON – ON Orientation Light Fire flashing in the absence of 230V

More Information

Tunnel Luminaires

Tunnel Luminaires
It has excellent lighting performance in relation to its low consumption.

Constant current power supply and emergency kit 90 minutes included in the body of the product.

Direct connection to the electrical network.

More info: Guide Led Tunnel Luminaire

Characteristics Guide Led Tunnel Luminaire

  • Dimensions: 600 x 125 x 85mm
  • Material: PC + PC Milky, Transparent finish
  • Power: 29w
  • Lumen: 3335 lm
  • CCT: 6750ºK
  • Angle: 120º
  • Led: Philips 2835 SMD
  • Power Supply: Philips + BAC 90 Minutes
  • Voltage: 100-277VAC
  • IK: 08
  • IP65
  • CRI >80
  • PF: >0.9

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Metrolight is specialized in the lighting and signaling of tunnels, led projectors, led studs for the lateral corridors of the tunnels, signage with LED emergency doors for tunnels.

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