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Led Projectors

LED spotlight

The Led Projectors are specially designed and developed for lighting solutions at superstores, facades and for situations and sites where environmental conditions required a maximum level of durability and safety.

Led Projectors

Wall Washer y Canopy

Led Projector Led Wall Washer y Canopy

The Wall Washer provides flush lighting to highlight textured surfaces, such as stone walls, creating lighting effects on the surface to be illuminated.

The Canopy, is ideal for areas of lighting with canopies, such as gas stations, truck stops, tunnels, among others.

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Led Projector Led Wall Washer and Canopy

Flood Light

Led Projector Flood Light

The Flood Light provides the best option to illuminate small outdoor spaces or passage areas.

Available in black and white colors.

It is mainly used in lighting facades, walls, doors, signs, gardens, can also be used in interiors of industrial buildings and workshops.

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Led Projector Flood Light

Pir Flood Light

Led Projector Pir Flood Light

The Pir Flood Light incorporates a motion sensor. It is also available in black and white. It is an attractive projector both in design and construction.

Its slim design makes it a discreet and elegant focus, integrating into any space without attracting attention.

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Led Projector Pir Flood Light

LED spotlight Wall Washer and Canopy
LED spotlight Flood Light
LED spotlight Pir Flood Light