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Led Curbs


LED signaling outdoor luminaire for road signs designed for high impact resistance and low temperatures, easy installation and interconnected thanks to its modular system, monochrome or RGB,control and synchronization features.

Led Curbs
Led Curbs

Specifications Led Curbs

  • Impact resistance reaching up to 65 km/h resistance on direct hits, direct loads of over 500kg.
  • Temperature resistance: ≥-20c° , ≤100c°.
  • IP67 Protection level
  • No color change due to UV material; No deformations.
  • Anti-UV material: PE plastic (poly ethylene)
  • Colors: yellow, white, green, blue
  • LED: SMD 5050, 4 sets, 12pcs
  • Working temperature: -20c°~100c°
  • Working voltage: DC12/24V
  • Power consumption: 2W
  • Current: 85-90mAh
  • LED lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Dimensiones: 50 x 20 x 13cm
  • Weight: 2 kg.

Transformer + Time Controller

1. Installing the controller box in the beginning of the road.

2. Using Cable with anode/cathode for the 1&2 output as mainline, Connect the cable as per the photo said, do not connect the anode/cathode wrongly, the cable diameter according to the installation distance, in generally, using Dia. 2 mm2 cable when the installation distance less than 300m, 300m-1000m, using Dia. 4mm2, more than 1000m, using several controller to control.

-Output 1 and 2 connect with the wired studs
-The power indicator light turn on when connect with electricity, in the mean time, the working modesindicator start working.
-Function Setting: adjust the working mode of , brightness, frequency, color changes. With relevant indicator on, and Digital Tube shows the right numeric.
-Number Setting: from left to right is hundred, ten, bits. Press once, will +100, +10 or +1.

3. Setting Frequency:
Press”SET” button, indicator of frequency on. By “Number” button to set flashing times, range is from20- 300times/minute. If number below 20times/minute, working mode should be steady. In 10 seconds will save setting program automatically.

4. Setting Brightness:
Press” SET” button, indicator of Brightness on. By”Number” button to set brightness from 0-100%. Digital tube will show the setting brightness. In 10 seconds will save setting program automatically.

5. Setting Color Change:
For RGB wired road studs, it will have 4 wires. (Black wire: anode, Green/Yellow/Red: cathode, and for controlling the output color). Connecting black wire to anode of Output1 . And Red wire to the cathode ofOutput

1. Then Yellow wire to cathode of Output
2. Green wire to cathode of Output
3. Press”SET” button, the left indicator of Function Indicator will on.

Adjust Number with 1, Output Indicator onGr, all wired road studs will be steady or flashing together in Red color.

When add 1 to 2, Output Indicator onYellow, all wired road studs will be steady or flashing together in yellow color. To 3, green color on.

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